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DTS to Celebrate 7.1 Day On July 1

DTS Inc., a digital technology company in Calabasas, Calif., is once again celebrating “DTS 7.1 Day” on Thursday, July 1. The holiday, first declared by the State of California on July 1, 2009, honors the company’s cutting-edge 7.1 surround sound audio technology, as well as its longstanding economic and entertainment contributions to California and the arts.

“Last year, we were incredibly honored when the State of California dedicated an entire day to our high definition surround sound technology,” says Tom Dixon, DTS’ VP of marketing. “The response was so overwhelming that we decided to make ‘DTS 7.1 Day’ a yearly celebration!”

On July 1, 2010, DTS will kick off a month-long celebration focused on the success of DTS-HD Master Audio. The public is invited to visit the DTS website to enjoy fun messages from celebrities and industry leaders from the movie and music world. From there, visitors will be directed to the DTS Facebook page for a chance to vote for their favorite DTS-HD Master Audio titles and enter a drawing to win daily prizes and a shot at two grand prizes.

In addition to the company’s online celebrations, DTS is also encouraging the public to “wish loved ones a happy DTS 7.1 Day” by watching a favorite Blu-ray disc featuring DTS-HD Master Audio to hear DTS high definition surround sound.

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