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Lawo in the Mix for France’s Bastille Day Concert

Lawo gear was used for the live sound and live broadcast of this year’s Concert de Paris on Bastille Day.

Lawo gear was used to mix this year’s Concert de Paris on Bastille Day.
Lawo gear was used to mix this year’s Concert de Paris on Bastille Day.

Paris, France (July 31, 2023)—Lawo once again helped tackle live sound and live broadcast requirements of the French public broadcasters and Eurovision network for this year’s Concert de Paris on Bastille Day.

The commemoration of the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, which marked the beginning of the French Revolution, is the occasion for numerous events throughout the country. For this eleventh edition of the giant classical music concert at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, under the hands of Radio France and France Televisions’ sound engineers, Lawo consoles delivered live sound to the huge crowd on the Champ de Mars, as well as television and radio audio to millions of listeners and viewers.

A pair of mc²56 desks sharing two redundant A__UHD Core units were used at front of house by Nadège Antonini for the orchestra and the overall PA mix, and by Stéphane Thouvenin for the soloist premix. A third mc²56 and an A__UHD Core audio engine took care of the stage monitoring in a two-operator configuration with two separate control surfaces to offer Tahar Boukhlifa and Charles Bouticourt maximum flexibility for the execution of this complex task.

Lawo mc236xp Audio Production Console – A Mix Product of the Week

A system of passive splitters allowed more than 140 microphone sources to be routed independently to a Lawo mc²66 console controlled by Laurent Fracchia for mixing radio and television audio in a Radio France mobile production unit.

In a France Televisions OB truck, Gregory Chevalier was in charge of audio production for the national TV broadcast and international clean feed—again with an mc²56 console.

The Concert de Paris takes place before the City of Paris’s traditional fireworks display on France’s National Day and remains one of the largest classical music events in the world. Around 100,000 spectators had the opportunity to attend performances by the Orchestre National de France, the Chœur and Maîtrise de Radio France, as well as internationally renowned opera singers and soloists. The event was followed by 3.26 million viewers on France 2 and many more listeners on the France Inter radio channel. It was broadcast live or recorded in many countries around the world via the Euroradio and Eurovision networks.