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Dynaudio Professional Introduces M3VE Main Monitor Solution

Dynaudio Professional’s new MV3E main monitoring solution ($27,300) combines the company’s driver and cabinet technology with amplification and signal processing from Lab.gruppen and Lake. The speakers are powered by a single 4-channel Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q amplifier, using the integrated, active crossover between LF and MF by Lake, while passively filtering the MF/HF crossover point.

MV3E is made from carefully selected materials (including handmade drivers) and offers 4,700 watts per monitor and Dynaudio’s ESOTAR² aluminum voice coil driver technology. The monitors also offer a frequency response of 22 to 21k Hz and greater than 133dB SPL.

Exclusive Lake processing algorithms include raised cosine equalization, linear-phase crossovers and Limiter Max Loudspeaker Protection.

For more information, visit Dynaudio Professional’s MV3E page.