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FL Studio 2024 Adds FL Cloud Plug-Ins, AI, More

FL Studio 2024 launched today introducing new features while also adopting a new naming arrangement.

Belgium (July 1, 2024)—As one of the more anticipated DAW updates this year, FL Studio 2024 launched today introducing new features while also adopting a new naming arrangement, incorporating the year of release into its name from now on. New additions to the DAW include the addition of plug-ins into FL Cloud, an AI-powered music composition tool and new effects for FL Studio.

FL Cloud plug-ins launch with 69 instruments and effects from Native Instruments, UVI, Minimal Audio, Baby Audio, MeldaProduction, W. A. Production, and UnitedPlugins. Usually found in the Plugin Picker window, the FL Cloud plug-ins are intended to provide more options for users while reducing installation and management time.

Meanwhile, FL Cloud Mastering, powered by AI, has added multiple personalization tools, with controls for bass and mid-EQ, brightness, warmth, and optional switches for multiband compression, low and high-frequency exciters, and a stereo widening tool.

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FL Studio 2024 introduces a new Chord Progression Tool, also powered by AI, as well as features like Note Repeat, which aids in creating fast percussion rolls, stutters and more. There’s also a new synth, Kepler Exo, and two new effects plug-ins: Low Lifter (Signature Bundle and All Plugins Edition) and Spreader (Producer Edition and above).

FL Cloud is offered in three tiers: Plus, Pro, and Free. FL Cloud Plus subscribers get 18 plug-ins, a library of hundreds of thousands of sounds, mastering with 14 genre presets and customization controls, plus distribution to major streaming platforms in partnership with DistroKid.

Pro subscribers get an additional 51 plugins, for a total of 69. Users of FL Cloud Free—available to all FL Studio owners and FL Studio Trial users—get 10 plug-ins, a curated library of 15,000 sounds, and AI-powered mastering with a default preset.

There is an introductory offer of $99.99 for 12 months of FL Cloud Pro, and all existing monthly and annual FL Cloud subscribers have been upgraded to FL Cloud Plus at no extra cost.