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Fohhn Ships PT-6 Loudspeaker System

Fohhn Audio AG in Nürtingen, Germany, announces the release of its new PT-6 compact, high-performance loudspeaker system with integrated line array technology. The loudspeaker, previewed at this year’s Frankfurt Prolight + Sound, has been specially developed to offer both powerful coverage and easy set-up.

Designed for stand-mounted, stacked or flown applications, the PT-6 essentially combines three of Fohhn’s widely used PT-8 line array modules in a single compact unit weighing 80 pounds.

Offering a twin coaxial speaker construction, the PT-6 contains 6×6.5-inch-long excursion neodymium and 3×1.4-inch compression drivers with a specially developed HF phase EQ. The loudspeaker’s compression drivers and the HF phase EQ/waveguide have been tailored to optimize the system’s vertical beam characteristics. A vertical dispersion angle of 30 degrees promises excellent results in venues with challenging acoustics, while a 110-degree horizontal dispersion angle makes the loudspeaker ideal for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications in venues such as festival tents, clubs and concert halls, as well as at open-air events.

In bi-amping mode, the PT-6 has been exclusively geared towards use with Fohhn’s new 4-channel D-4.1200 DSP amplifier. This is designed to ensure the best possible sound performance and maximum operating reliability, as well as simple plug-and-play connection.

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