Gefen Offers DVI KVM Matrix Switching for DAWs


At this week's 123rd AES convention in New York City's Javits Center (booth #708), Gefen will unveil its 4x4 DVI KVM Matrix switching system ($999) for professional A/V applications. It allows users to connect any four digital video computers to any four digital displays and use a USB 2 keyboard/mouse. It enables users to integrate multiple sources and displays without complex networking or hardware.

The Gefen 4x4 DVI KVM Matrix is designed for digital audio workstations using high-definition DVI displays and remote peripherals, offering the ability to create four unique workstations with complete KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) access to all four computers at any time.

Access is controlled by RS-232 or IR remote, and switching between computers takes place instantly. Promising ease of connectivity between computers located in a central room with distributed KVM functionality to four separate locations, Gefen recommends its 4x4 DVI KVM Matrix for editing suites and the distribution of high-definition video applications.

The rackmountable 4x4 DVI KVM Matrix comes equipped with four USB, DVI and stereo audio inputs/outputs.

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