Hear New Sounds at Sennheiser’s TrueSound Lounge

Sennheiser’s TrueSound Lounge microsite is now live.
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Sennheiser’s TrueSound Lounge microsite is now live at www.truesoundlounge.com.

The new site, which is set up to resemble a modern downtown loft, provides new music from Sennheiser-supported emerging artists such as Sugarcult and Jody Whitesides, and quick-witted web-video shorts on such topics as “What does TrueSound look like?” from top commercial filmmakers and producers. The lounge also provides info on Sennheiser’s personal-listening products for home, portable and wireless applications, as well as home-theater and A-V entertainment.

Sennheiser conceived TrueSound Lounge in collaboration with marketing agency MARC/USA of Chicago. The Flash-based microsite features advanced design using interactive features such as clickless “PointRoll” technology. TrueSound Lounge’s animated graphics and voice-over dialogs aim to appeal to young, hip, music- and movie-savvy visitors.