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Hear New Sounds at Sennheiser’s TrueSound Lounge

Sennheiser’s TrueSound Lounge microsite is now live.

Sennheiser’s TrueSound Lounge microsite is now live at

The new site, which is set up to resemble a modern downtown loft, provides new music from Sennheiser-supported emerging artists such as Sugarcult and Jody Whitesides, and quick-witted web-video shorts on such topics as “What does TrueSound look like?” from top commercial filmmakers and producers. The lounge also provides info on Sennheiser’s personal-listening products for home, portable and wireless applications, as well as home-theater and A-V entertainment.

Sennheiser conceived TrueSound Lounge in collaboration with marketing agency MARC/USA of Chicago. The Flash-based microsite features advanced design using interactive features such as clickless “PointRoll” technology. TrueSound Lounge’s animated graphics and voice-over dialogs aim to appeal to young, hip, music- and movie-savvy visitors.