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Holophone Partners with NAB-HD Station

Holophone has teamed up with NAB-HD, the official television station of NAB 2006, for an informative discussion on the latest surround recording techniques and devices.

During the convention, NAB-HD will transmit programming on televisions throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center and in selected hotel rooms. Holophone will contribute an H4 SuperMINI microphone, a discrete 5.1-channel camera-mountable surround microphone, to capture surround audio for NAB-HD’s broadcasts.

Holophone president and founder, Michael Godfrey, will participate in a roundtable discussion on surround sound recording methods titled “Delivering Surround Audio on Live Broadcast Television” as part of NAB-HD’s programming.

In addition, one H4 SuperMINI microphone will be mounted on top of the Stratosphere Hotel to capture the sound of passengers on the hotel’s three thrill rides—Insanity the Ride, X Scream, and Big Shot. Broadcasters for NAB-HD will also take the H4 SuperMINI to the Hoover Dam to capture ambient sounds.

“Delivering Surround Audio on Live Broadcast Television” will air on NAB-HD Tuesday, April 25, from 11 to 11:30 a.m. Holophone’s H2-PRO, H3-D and H4 SuperMINI microphones will be showcased as part of NAB-HD’s high-tech sessions and featured in the company’s booth, #N3931.

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