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Holophone’s H4 SuperMINI Licensed to Include Dolby Pro Logic II

At NAB 2007, Holophone announced that the H4 SuperMINI, the world’s first camera-mountable multichannel surround microphone, has been licensed to include Dolby Laboratories’ Dolby Pro Logic II encoding technology. Dolby Pro Logic II matrix-encodes multichannel audio into two channels and allows broadcasters to efficiently deliver a compelling surround experience using their existing analog or digital stereo infrastructure, which is then decoded back into surround sound by the viewer’s home receiver.

“Holophone is dedicated to developing technologies to make the capture and playback of surround sound as realistic and effortless as possible,” says Holophone CEO Jonathan Godfrey. “Adding Dolby Pro Logic II to our H4 SuperMINI provides users with the ideal solution for capturing ultra-realistic surround sound and delivering it in stereo, making the transition from stereo to surround seamless in a wide range of productions.”

“We are excited to work with Holophone on the first microphone to incorporate a Dolby technology,” says Sabine Bravo, senior manager of professional licensing at Dolby Laboratories. “The technology utilized in Holophone’s H4 SuperMINI combined with Dolby Pro Logic II offers a state-of-the-art audio experience that will complement any HD broadcast.”

This licensing arrangement allows the SuperMINI’s surround recordings to be decoded into surround sound using any Dolby Pro Logic II decoder, as well as other matrix decoders compatible with Dolby Pro Logic II. According to Holophone, more than 53 million Dolby Pro Logic II decoders are in consumer devices.    

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