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HYPH Announces Music Creation Tool

Customized tracks are not AI- or computer-generated, the company claims, saying it will 'democratize' the content creation process.

New York, NY (October 20, 2022)—HYPH Corporation has announced a new mobile application aimed at making commercial-grade music creation “as simple and universal as taking a selfie” by combining single-instrument music recordings from its library into unique songs.

With the creator economy reportedly estimated to be worth $100 billion, with 50 million active users, HYPH says it will democratize music production and make song creation accessible to anyone with a smartphone. The app will also create a new social community, allowing users to share and create music iteratively, meaning users can take the creations of others, edit them and republish them for other users to do the same.

According to the company, users will choose the genre or mood they would like to capture. Each song created on HYPH will be unique and may be further customized with mere taps or swipes. Once created, songs can be used as backing tracks to user-created videos, added to personalized playlists, mixed with vocal recordings, uploaded to social platforms and more. 

HYPH says that it does not employ AI technology, and its music is not computer-generated. Instead, all the music on HYPH is played by real people. Every melody, bass line and instrument track in HYPH’s massive stem library is composed by top session musicians. While HYPH owns the rights to all the songs created on its app, it will share any proceeds earned with song creators and music contributors, the company states.

HYPH’s music board consists of music-industry powerhouses such as Andreas Carlsson, the company’s multi-Grammy-nominated chief music officer, who has worked with The Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and Britney Spears. Andreas Oberg is a multi-platinum songwriter, guitarist, and music producer who has written 80-plus number-one releases in Japan and South Korea and numerous US Billboard hits. Kalle Engstrom is an arranger, composer and producer who has worked with Celine Dion, The Saturdays and Ace of Base. Ali Dee Theodore is an executive music producer, songwriter, producer, manager and artist who has composed or produced music for over 350 feature films. Brandon Bell is a Grammy-winning recording and mix engineer and producer whose nominations also include Best Engineered Album and Audio Engineer of the Year. Seth Stachowski is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer with 10-plus years of experience as a music director for Cirque du Soleil and currently performs as music director for Aerosmith.  

HYPH will be available via invitation this fall with a full launch planned for spring 2023.