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IK Multimedia ARC System For Studio Sound Correction Debuts

IK Multimedia has introduced ARC Studio, an acoustic room correction system.

IK Multimedia ARC System For Studio Sound Correction

Italy (February 26, 2024)—IK Multimedia has introduced ARC Studio, an acoustic room correction system intended to provide active room correction for any brand of studio monitor system

The ARC Studio system includes a standalone hardware processor; new ARC 4 software (also available separately) for analyzing and correcting the listening environment with additional controls; and a MEMS measurement microphone.

The space that one is in can greatly impact how music is heard, as the size and shape of a room, not to mention its contents, can affect how we perceive sound from studio monitors. According to IK Multimedia, ARC 4’s algorithm analyzes and corrects for those aberrations, improving the sound of a room with more controlled low-end, tighter transients and stereo imaging

With the included mic connected to an audio interface, ARC 4 software guides the user through measuring acoustical responses at their listening position. IK’s ARC technology uses this 3D snapshot to identify and correct issues, then stores the correction profile and loads it to the ARC Studio processor, placed between the interface and monitors, to apply to all incoming signals. The standalone processor corrects studio monitors in any studio, including hardware- and console-based setups.

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For DAW-based studios, ARC Studio eliminates the need to insert the ARC 4 plug-in on the master bus of a project and preserves zero-latency monitoring setups. Plus it allows users to listen to their preferred streaming service with acoustically corrected monitoring without messing around with system drivers.

ARC Studio features a 120 dB(A) analog input to analog output dynamic range, 0.5 Hz to 40 kHz frequency response, and stable clocking for low jitter. The processor unit connects to the studio and monitors via balanced XLRs with a power-safe relay-based hard bypass, so that when it is bypassed, everything is protected from sudden power-related pops.

ARC 4 also features a monitor emulation function that emulates well-known monitor systems, plus popular hi-fi speakers and mobile devices, reproducing the frequency and phase response of the originals. More than 20 profiles are provided.

ARC Studio and ARC 4 software are shipping; ARC Studio (processor unit, ARC 4 software, and measurement mic) is $299.99, while the software and mic alone are $199.99 and the software on its own is $149.99.