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Klotz Digital Launches Decennium Radio On-Air Console

Klotz Digital is now shipping the Decennium digital console for radio broadcast, which comes with a Decennium audio engine for integration in audio and control networks. The standard console is supplied pre-configured for easy installation and console setup. According to Klotz Digital, Decennium is fully modular and expandable due to its network ability and configuration software, and can be fully customized according to a customer’s needs. Fully parametric 6-band equalizers and dynamics with limiter/compressor/expander can be inserted and stored in each channel.

The console’s Multi Purpose Control Element (MPCE) is integrated in each channel strip. Comprising an endless rotary encoder with integrated push-button and a 16-character display, it is used for source selection and channel related parameter settings.

MPCE allows each fader module to act as single mini-console without the need for a monitor and control module. Each fader module is assigned to its own DSP section of the VADIS audio engine, offering individual features and autonomous buses. In addition, each single 4-fader module can be split as well as assigned to different buses, allowing shared operation.

Decennium’s control surface is available in sizes of 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 faders and comes with two types of surface modules—a 4-fader module as well as a monitor and control module—each having its own, separate and flat housing. The design promises flexibility in console layout and compact, split-and single-module arrangements.

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