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Lynn Fuston Uses Soundelux ELUX 251 For Kathy Troccoli’s New Album

Recording engineer Lynn Fuston

Kathy Troccoli is one of the most spirited singer/songwriters in contemporary Christian music. When it came time to record her new album, Glory of Love, she wanted to make sure her fans heard her voice the way she always wanted it to sound. Teaming up in the studio with in-demand Nashville engineer Lynn Fuston (pictured), Troccoli discovered that the Soundelux ELUX 251 was the microphone that could make it happen.

By paying meticulous attention to the choice of vocal mic, Fuston was able to deliver the sound that Troccoli had always wanted to hear. “She had never been totally happy with the vocal sound on her records, going back for 15 albums,” says Fuston from his studio, 3D Audio, Inc. “After we completed the shootout for this album, Kathy absolutely loved the sound of the ELUX 251. With this mic, she just sounds incredible, like she’s singing right into your ear. It’s the sound her friends and family have heard before, but it wasn’t on her records.”

With several songs consisting solely of vocals and piano, and sometimes an acoustic guitar and cello, Fuston knew that Troccoli’s voice would be front and center more than ever before.

“There’s no doubt that Glory of Love is a vocal record, and the Soundelux ELUX 251 focused the spotlight squarely on her voice,” Fuston says. “Kathy wanted a clear and satiny top-end that would also pick up the depth and richness in her voice. The ELUX 251 gave her exactly what she wanted to hear. I paired it with a Buzz Audio MA2 mic pre and there was absolutely nothing lacking at all.

“When I’m looking for the right mic for a singer, it’s like trying to find the two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly,” continues Fuston. “That’s why the ELUX 251 did such a great job on Kathy’s voice. It was the perfect match. The sound of the Soundelux on these recordings is huge, robust, so sweet and rich that it’s almost like caramel or melted chocolate. This mic was everything that we had wished for, picking up all the best things in her voice and accentuating them.”

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