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Manley Labs Introduces VOXBOX 2021 Pride Edition

Limited-edition unit incorporates company's new switched-mode power supply and celebrates diversity and equality, with all proceeds donated to the Human Rights Commission.

In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, Manley Labs is extremely liberated to announce the MANLEY VOXBOX 2021 PRIDE EDITION: a special version of the company’s classic best-selling VOXBOX Reference Channel Strip with rainbow cosmetics.

From Manley: “‘Vox Aequalitatem’ translates as ‘All Voices Equal,’ or ‘The Voice of Equality.’ At Manley Labs, we believe in equality for all human beings, and thus we will be donating proceeds from sales of this unit to the Human Rights Campaign—the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer civil rights organization in America.”

These are also the first VOXBOX units that will feature Manley’s latest MANLEY POWER® switch-mode power supply, which will then become standard in all new VOXBOX units. According to Manley Labs, “This new PSU is empirically quieter than the older linear PSUs. Sonically, we hear faster highs, generally more clarity, and ‘blacker blacks’ in the silence.”

The new power supply is also universal, allowing it to work anywhere in the world without a voltage changeover switch or power transformer rewiring.

The VOXBOX 2021 PRIDE EDITION is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and is available now for pre-order through authorized Manley dealers and distributors worldwide. Units will be shipping in mid-July 2021. Pricing is the same as the standard VOXBOX at $4599 USD.

For more information, please visit Manley Labs.