Metric Halo Announces ChannelStrip Version 2.2, Custom Shop

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Metric Halo's ChannelStrip Version 2.2 is now available for Audio Units, MAS, VST and GarageBand, in addition to ChannelStrip 2.2 for RTAS and TDM. ChannelStrip V. 2.2 is also a Universal Binary release that provides enhancements and bug fixes. It allows users of VST-only hosts (such as Cubase and Nuendo) to use the power of their Intel-based Macs when mixing with ChannelStrip. The V. 2.2 update is freely available to all registered Mac OS X users of ChannelStrip.

Metric Halo has also developed a Jensen transformer-based front end option for the ULN-2 stereo mic preamp. The ULN-2 promises low noise at all gain levels, high gain, common mode and RFI rejection, flat frequency response and ultra-low distortion. It increases the audio input level regardless of the source— dynamic mics, phantom-powered mics, ribbon mics, instrument or line-level signals.

According to Joe Buchalter, president of Metric Halo, "The ULN-2 is an incredibly good mic pre, but sometimes you want something that isn't quite so 'pristine.' A certain amount of low-order harmonic distortion has a way of adding 'depth' and 'sheen' to everything that passes through it. Thus, the high regard applied to classic transformer coupled preamps. With the transformer option installed, the ULN-2 acquires that classic character. A second benefit is that the transformer completely electrically isolates the preamp from the source, raising the common mode rejection above its already excellent performance, and providing a measure of confidence when dealing with the unknowns of location sound."

The Jensen Transformer option is available pre-installed from the factory for an additional $800. It may also be factory-installed on existing ULN-2 units for $850.

Metric Halo will exhibit at the 123rd AES convention at the Javits Center in New York City, in booth #559.

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