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Music from Cirque du Soleil Show LOVE Mixed on ADAM Monitors

The Cirque du Soleil show LOVE celebrates the musical legacy of The Beatles through remixed and re-mastered versions of their original recordings and an elaborate stage production. Soundtrack production took place in London, Montreal and Las Vegas, and ADAM Audio S3A powered monitors (pictured) were used throughout to mix the music for both the stage production and accompanying album.

LOVE marks the first collaboration between Beatles producer Sir George Martin and his son, Giles Martin, who used original master tapes of Beatles recordings to create the soundtrack. Most of the work was done at the Abbey Road Studios in London, where many of the original recordings took place. Studio gear included digital audio workstations, modern processors and the ADAM monitors, which Giles Martin describes as “the best cross between near-field and big studio speakers.”

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The technology and methods used to record the original Beatles albums in the 1960s had changed along the way, making it important to hear the most accurate representation and imaging of the original tracks to seamlessly blend them together for LOVE. ADAM’s ART Ribbon Tweeter Technology is highly regarded for its accuracy and imaging. The company states that its smooth high end makes it possible to listen for long periods with less ear fatigue.

The technical aspects of remixing and producing the music was as elaborate as the stage production itself. For consistency, the studio environment in which the Martins originally created the soundtrack was mirrored in Montreal where work on the stage production took place. In Montreal, Giles mixed the music to accompany the live performance, choreography and lighting.

Once the music and show were merged, the Montreal studio was re-created once again at The Mirage in Las Vegas, were the performance was mixed and rehearsed before being presented to the public. In all three locations, ADAM S3A monitors were used to ensure that the original mixes from London could be accurately conveyed in the high-tech theater production, where many different kinds of speakers were used, from traditional mains to speakers within the auditorium seats themselves.

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