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Native Instruments Announces Solid Mix Series, Transient Master Software

Native Instruments in Berlin, Germany, announces the Solid Mix Series ($229 for all three plug-ins; or $119 for each individual plug-in), which emulates the distinctive EQ and dynamics sections of a popular mixing console, and Transient Master, which re-creates a popular hardware processor that provides highly efficient transient processing. All products can used be used with the free Guitar Rig software, or expand upon the upcoming Guitar Rig 5.

Based on sophisticated component modeling, the Solid Mix Series comprises three individual modules. “Solid EQ” emulates the equalizer section of the modeled console with its four parametric bands as well as the adjustable low-cut and high-cut filters, which allow for especially musical and transparent sound shaping of all signal types. Switchable EQ types also offer the selection between two distinctive generations of the original hardware with their specific sound characteristics.

“Solid Bus Comp” is an authentic emulation of the console’s bus compressor, which is renowned for the way that it “glues” mixes together and singlehandedly creates a “finished” studio production sound. Taking advantage of the new features of Guitar Rig 5, “Solid Bus Comp” also provides a sidechain input as well as a dry/wet control for parallel compression.

The third component, “Solid Dynamics.” provides a combined dynamics section with stereo compressor, expander and gate that lends itself to the precise dynamics processing of individual tracks.

Native Instruments says that Transient Master is inspired by a popular modern studio processor, and provides a method for treating drums and percussive instrument sounds by directly reshaping the envelope of the signal. Through the software’s “Attack” and “Sustain” parameters, Transient Master is said to add natural punch and definition, or blend individual instruments further back into the mix, without sonic artifacts.

Native Instruments states that the Solid Mix Series and Transient Master will each be available in September 2011, and that both products will also be included in the new Komplete 8 Ultimate bundles, with Transient Master also being included in the new Komplete 8.

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