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New Products For Film/Video Sound

HITACHI 42-INCH PLASMA DISPLAY Hitachi America ( is now shipping the CMP4120HDU, a 42-inch version of its PDP Plasma Display Panel. Designed


Hitachi America ( is now shipping the CMP4120HDU, a 42-inch version of its PDP Plasma Display Panel. Designed for wall-mount or freestanding use, the 42-inch (diagonal), 16:9 aspect ratio display weighs only 72 pounds, is 3.5 inches thick and features a 160° viewing angle. Inputs are switchable between analog RGB (D-sub or five BNCs) or composite video (single BNC, S-type or three BNCs) for connection to computers or any picture source. Resolution is 1024×1024. Retail is $9,995.
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Munro Associates ( has received THX approval for its M3F digitally controlled active three-way monitor system. The compact M3F system has a depth of only 40 cm, allowing for behind-screen installation, and THX has approved the M3F for use in dubbing studios and small-to-medium film mixing theaters. A digital system controller allows for multiple setups, and the nonvolatile memory includes all standard reference curves and a screen compensation filter. All functions are controllable via an RS-485 port; a Windows 95-based GUI is available.
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SSL ( announces new software and hardware features for the Avant digital post/film console. Version 4 software includes PanPoint panning, which allows a panning path to be designed on the console bit pad, and SuperGrouper, which can link signal controls such as pans and EQ. DCTM (Directly Controlled Tape Machine) provides synchronizer-free support for parallel tape machine control, while a RIO Grande I/O option adds up to 12 16-channel, 24-bit ADC/DAC cards and up to four 24-channel AES/EBU cards for a total of 192 analog I/Os. Virtual Paddles uses existing physical paddle switches for additional monitoring and recorder control. RIO Grande I/O and MADI interface options are also offered for the Aysis Air and Aysis Air Mobile digital broadcast consoles.
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Shure ( offers the FP24 portable 2-channel mixer/preamp for pro field production applications. Designed to meet high-res, digital recording noise specs, the FP24 has two transformer-balanced inputs (assignable to the L/C/R outputs), a built-in slate mic, 1kHz oscillator and headphone monitoring amp. Additional features include 6dB/octave highpass filters, adjustable threshold peak limiters, dual-color LEDs to indicate clipping/limiter activity and LED output meters. Housed in a tough aluminum chassis, the FP24 runs on a DC supply or two AA batteries and weighs less than 2 pounds. Retail: $855.
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The Libra Live Series II all-digital broadcast production console from AMS Neve ( features a proven operator-friendly console layout, extensive mix-minus, GPI and other broadcast-specific facilities, a new fault-resilient, rapid-recovery control system, multiformat surround sound options, and 24-bit analog and digital interfacing.
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