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New Training Video Released: Sound Forge 8 — Know It All!

The Digital Music Doctor today announced the release of a new interactive video course, Sound Forge 8—Know It All.

This course contains more than two hours of interactive videos as well as sample projects covering all aspects of audio recording and editing using Sony Sound Forge 8. The course also covers CD Architect 5.2, which is now bundled with Sound Forge.

This course contains 17 modules and is organized into four sections: An overview section, which covers the features that are new to Sound Forge 8 and also provides an introductory tour of the Sound Forge workspace; Projects, which features a Quick Start tutorial and three in-depth modules to demonstrate editing and processing techniques; Tool & Techniques, which offers seven mini-tutorials covering the specialized functions available in Sound Forge–Spectrum Analysis, Video, MIDI Keyboard & Triggers, Batch Converter, Acid Loops, Generating Sounds and Finding & Repairing; Finally, and CD Architect 5.2, which covers both CD creation as well as the use of mastering tools.

Sound Forge 8—Know It All! is presented using Macromedia Flash and is available on CD-ROM for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP.

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