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64 Audio Debuts U6t In-Ear Universal Monitors

64 Audio has introduced its new U6t Universal In-Ear Monitor, a six-driver IEM designed for touring professionals.

64 Audio U6t IEMs
64 Audio U6t IEMs

Vancouver, WA (July 7, 2021)—64 Audio has introduced its new U6t Universal In-Ear Monitor. The six-driver IEM is designed for touring professionals, taking design aspects from the company’s A6t custom IEM and applying them to a product intended to be used by a broad range of users.

According to 64 Audio, the U6t is intended to be a balanced, natural-sounding earphone that provides a softer presentation of a mix than other models that the company offers. Using the different apex modules and ear-tips included with the IEM allows the listener to further customize the sound of the U6t based on the needs of the music.

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The U6t IEMs are built around a half-dozen precision-balanced armature drivers, with each containing a tia high, a high-mid, a pair of mids and a pair of lows, cumulatively offering a frequency response of 10Hz – 20kHz. The IEMs offer a reported -20dB of isolation, sport an integrated four-way passive crossover and feature a universal shell milled out of a solid aerospace-grade aluminum billet.

U6t includes various 64 Audio technologies, including tia, apex, and LID. 64 Audio’s Air Pressure Exchange (apex) is a pneumatically interactive vent that releases air pressure in a sealed ear canal, with the intention of alleviating listener fatigue and opening the soundstage. Meanwhile, tia works by eliminating sound-altering tubes and dampers, using the tia high driver and the tia single bore design. Lastly, LID is intended to provide a consistent frequency response regardless of the source.

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