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64 Audio Aspire 4 Universal IEMs Debut

64 Audio is positioning the Aspire 4 is its next-generation UIEM for music and live audio pros.

64 Audio's new Aspire 4 Universal in-ear monitors.
64 Audio’s new Aspire 4 Universal in-ear monitors.

Vancouver, WA (June 11, 2024)—64 Audio introduces its Aspire 4 Universal In-Ear Monitor today, positioning the new offering as a next-gen product created specifically with musicians and live music professionals in mind.

As the name indicates, the Aspire 4 provides users with four drivers in an ergonomic package. Apex Core, 64 Audio’s patented technology, is integrated into the body of Aspire 4’s earphone. The pressure relieving channel provides controlled leak via acoustic filters as opposed to pneumatically interactive foam in 64 Audio’s traditional apex implementation. As a result, Aspire 4 users can reduce ear fatigue while maintaining roughly -20 db of noise isolation.

Aspire 4 also includes Waveguide, a custom-designed acoustic structure integrated onto the high-frequency balanced armature driver. Waveguide reportedly increases the driver’s efficiency by directing and focusing its energy.

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The IEMs themselves consist of a molded ABS shell and stainless steel nozzle, encasing a dynamic transducer configuration based around a low DD, a pair of mid BAs, and one high BA.

The IEM comes with a 48-inch black IPX cable; 64 branded zipper case; foam and silicone ear tips; a cleaning tool; and a 1/4in. adaptor.

“Aspire 4 is a four-driver performance monitoring tool with the same sonic characteristics and technology worn by the world’s greatest performers using 64 Audio custom in-ear monitors,” explained Vitaliy Belonozhko, 64 Audio founder and chief executive officer.

The Aspire 4 UIEM sports an MSRP of $899.99.