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Bettermaker Stereo Passive EQ Launched

The Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer works in tandem with an associated DAW plug-in that offers control and setting recall.

Bettermaker Stereo Passive EQ
Bettermaker Stereo Passive EQ

Las Vegas, NV (April 5, 2022)—The new Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer aims to give an analog experience a digital reinvention, as it works in tandem with an associated DAW plug-in that offers control and instant recall for settings.

The unit offers familiar settings of low boost or cut at four possible frequencies; high boost at 10 possible frequencies with bandwidth control; and high cut at three possible frequencies. Bypass, output gain, and reset round out the controls. Despite the digital plug-in control and recall capabilities, the unit retains its analog sound.

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A built-in frequency analyzer within the plug-in gives users feedback on the changes they are making and the effects of those changes, and its built-in curves match the bandwidth and gain of the actual filters themselves. In addition, new functionality allows users to store and trigger 32 “snapshots” either manually or via automation. Accordingly, a single command can trigger full sets of parameters from song to song in a mastering session.

The Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer’s specifications include a 7 Hz to 30 kHz frequency response (-0.5 dB) with tighter tolerance in the 20 Hz to 20 kHz range. The maximum input level is 24 dBu, and the maximum output level is 27 dBu. Dynamic range reaches 101 dB and the unit reportedly imparts very little distortion or crosstalk. Output gain is +/- 8 dB. Stereo signal enters and exits the unit via rear XLR jacks. Another feature is a hybrid analog/digital signal path – the high-pass filter is a modern musical digital implementation, whereas the rest of the signal path is boutique analog.

The Bettermaker Stereo Passive Equalizer is now available and shipping, priced at US $1,999, and is distributed by TransAudio Group.