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Dear Reality ExoVerb Plug-In Debuts

Dear Reality's ExoVerb is a new plug-in intended to add three-dimensional depth and width perception to stereo productions.

Dear Reality ExoVerb Plug-In
Dear Reality ExoVerb Plug-In

Düsseldorf, Germany (November 14, 2022)—Sennheiser subsidiary Dear Reality has introduced ExoVerb, a new reverb plug-in intended to add three-dimensional depth and width perception to stereo productions.

The plug-in, based around a proprietary reverb engine with synthesized spatial multi-IRs, enables enhanced control of spatial distance perception; according to Dear Reality, this will clean up the stereo mix, leaving more space for additional instruments.

ExoVerb provides 50 acoustic scenes in four categories—Ambiences, Rooms, Halls, and Plates—tuned for modern music production. Each preset is based on multiple synthesized impulse responses (IRs) developed with Dear Reality’s proprietary software.

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The ExoVerb user interface is centered around a triangle pad that helps select a blend of reverb, early reflections, and dry signals by setting the ratio of the early reflections and the late reverb on the x-axis and the level of dry and wet signals on the y-axis. Additionally, the plug-in provides direct access to parameters such as Pre-Delay, Size, Decay and Width, without the user having to dive into sub-menus. Using the Depth parameter, the front-back space of the mix can be further adjusted, thereby increasing the perception of depth in stereo mixes.

There are also three separate EQs to shape early reflections, decay, and summed signal. Each 3-band EQ includes a low-shelf, a parametric, and a high-shelf filter to get the optimal reverb sound for the mix.

ExoVerb is available now in the Dear Reality store. Through the end of November 2022, the plugin is available for USD $69, before jumping to $99 thereafter.