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Dear Reality Introduces New Game Audio Workflow

Dear Reality has introduced Spatial Connect for Wwise which enables game audio designers to work fully immersed in AR and VR productions.

Spatial Connect for Wwise
Spatial Connect for Wwise.

Düsseldorf, Germany (July 25, 2023)—Immersive audio company Dear Reality has introduced Spatial Connect for Wwise, an in-game, in-headset mixing workflow enabling game audio designers to work fully immersed in interactive VR and AR audio productions.

The new workflow was developed in close collaboration with game studios and with technical support from Audiokinetic, whose development team added certain features in the company’s Wwise audio middleware that allowed for the new workflow. It allows game audio engineers to mix directly in the headset, reducing context switching and enabling them to work intuitively on spatial audio in the immersive environment itself. Additionally, game audio designers will have direct in-headset access to the Wwise mixers, including the ability to solo and mute.

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Typically, today’s workflow requires audio designers to switch between previewing their work with a VR headset and making changes on a desktop PC. According to Christian Sander, CEO and co-founder of Dear Reality, “Dear Reality’s Spatial Connect for Wwise is a game-changer when mixing immersive audio for XR projects. Eliminating the tiresome and time-consuming switching between the in-headset review of the VR experience and the Wwise editing process on a desktop screen is a dream come true for game audio designers.”

Spatial Connect for Wwise also allows game audio engineers to spot hard-to-find problematic sounds and understand the spatial audio session in the game by visualizing the location of active sound events directly in the VR headset and providing the means to intuitively modify the most critical audio parameters.

“We are very excited about the Spatial Connect for Wwise project and will soon be sharing more updates on the project,” Sander says. “We also welcome new collaborations within the gaming and XR industries.”