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DPA Debuts Multiple Mic Kits

DPA Microphones has introduced numerous new bundles specific to studio and live recording, location sound and more.

DPA has released numerous new microphone bundles.
DPA has released numerous new microphone bundles.

Alleroed, Denmark (July 7, 2023)—DPA Microphones has introduced a number of new professional sound microphone kits, focusing in on providing exacting gear for specific applications. With that in mind, the brand has introduced a number of new bundles: the DLK4000 Live Microphone Kit, DSK4001 Studio Microphone Kit, DRK4001 Ultimate Recording Kit and DLS4000 Location Sound Kit.

The DLK4000 Live Microphone Kit features 20 mics and capsules, along with a number of accessories. Included in the kit are mics for lead and backup vocals as well as instrument mics for close-miking a live instrument. The kid additionally includes various pencil mics, for spot-miking instrument groups or capturing ambient sounds, and accessories such as extension cables, mic clips, mounts and windscreens.

Focused on studio recording, the DSK4001 Studio Microphone Kit is intended for small home studios and large professional spaces alike. The medium-sized kit contains both instrument and vocal mics, as well as a variety of clips and holders, aiding setup when close-miking a single instrument or spot-miking an entire group.

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The DRK4001 Ultimate Recording Kit features more than two-dozen DPA condenser microphones and close to 100 functional accessories, making it possible to mic any instrument imaginable in both studio and live-stage settings.

Lastly, theDLS4000 Location Sound Microphone Kit features standard TV/film production solutions, along with cables, holders, concealers, adapters, clips and more. The kit sports everything from shotguns for booming to micro-shotguns for discreet plant-miking and a range of lavaliers for close-miking.