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Fourier Audio transform.engine Live Sound Plug-In Server Ships

Launched last year at AES, the new Dante-connected server runs VST3 plug-ins in live sound environments.

Fourier Audio transform.engine Live Sound Plug-In Server.
Fourier Audio transform.engine Live Sound Plug-In Server.

London, UK (April 29, 2024)—Last year’s AES Show was a busy one for Fourier Audio as DiGiCo announced it had acquired the startup, and moreover, it launched transform.engine, a Dante-connected server for running VST3-native software plug-ins in live environments. Now the product has officially shipped.

In the intervening half-year, the product has been getting beta-tested by a variety of engineers. Longtime Muse FOH engineer Marc Carolan reported, “The ability to expand the plug-in palette on a rock-solid platform will make the transform.engine an indispensable piece of kit. I was a very early beta tester, but it imbued such confidence that it was immediately put to work on the Will of the People tour.”

Jamie Tinsley, out with Fred Again, said, “Although using a version without all of the features yet enabled, I was able to run my plug-ins non-stop for an entire month with no issues, no audio dropouts, and next to zero latency, flipping the bypass in and out on my Quantum338 without hearing any timing slip. It’s clear that the box is stable, and I’ve already bought one for myself.”

Housed in a 2U chassis with dual redundant power supplies, the transform.engine is a Dante-connected server designed to run VST3-native software plug-ins and provide studio-grade processing for live productions. The patent-pending audio software engine provides a sandbox with plug-ins ring-fenced from each other, so if one crashes, the rest of the system will not only be unaffected, but the transform.engine will restart that plug-in.