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Hollyland Debuts Lark C1 Wireless Mic System

Targeting content creators, Hollyland Technology has introduced Lark C1, a compact wireless mic system for use with iOS and Android devices.

Hollyland Lark C1Wireless Mic System
Hollyland Lark C1 Wireless Mic System

Shenzhen, China (October 31, 2022)—Targeting content creators and users capturing footage and companion audio on mobile devices, Hollyland Technology has introduced Lark C1, a compact wireless microphone system that can be plugged into iOS and Android devices.

Providing a reported range of up to 650 feet, the receiver is plugged into the device to record audio, and playback without unplugging. Users can record audio without interruption, because the transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) are usable while charging, and the receiver can be connected to a power source to additionally charge the host device during operation.

The Lark C1 is available in an iOS version with Lightning connector on the receiver (with one or two transmitters) and an Android version with USB-C connector on the receiver (with two transmitters).

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For use, the transmitters are clipped onto clothing like a wireless lavalier microphone, capturing 48 kHz/16 bit sound from 20 Hz up to 20 kHz. Onboard audio processing algorithms and Active Noise Cancellation aid sound quality, and the Lark C1 is available in either black or white. As well as mobile phones, the Android version can add wireless microphone capability to some other products, such as the DJI Action 3 and Action 2.

With two transmitter units in use, the Lark C1 Duo can work for a continuous 32 hours from a fully-charged charging case, with each transmitter operating for 8 hours each time. The system is available now with an MSRP of $179 US.