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Tech Spotlight: Wireless Products — Stage and Comms



Shure‘s SLX-D Digital Wireless System, the digital replacement of the company’s popular SLX system, features new mechanical designs, exceptional audio quality, more reliable RF performance, streamlined setup, and more. SLX-D provides end users with greater channel count than SLX, smart rechargeable options, and simplified ease-of-use. The system is offered in single and dual-channel options. Transmitters run on standard AA batteries or an optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery solution with a dual-docking charging station. Features include reliable RF, with outstanding signal quality and digital modulation, enabling operation of up to 32 channels per frequency band without worrying about dropouts or signal fades; excellent audio quality with a wide dynamic range, while preventing distortion, for a clean, natural instrument and vocal sound; and ease of use, equipped with Guided Frequency Setup and a Group Scan feature that lets users set up multiple channels more efficiently by assigning frequencies to all receivers automatically via Ethernet connections.




As we went to press, Telos Alliance released Telos Infinity VIP Virtual Intercom Platform, which delivers sophisticated comms virtually, making Cloud-based media production workflows available on any device—smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet—from anywhere: At Home, On-Prem, Site-to-Site, or in the Cloud. On-Prem: Telos Infinity VIP hardware or your own server for on-prem installations. Integrated: For both On-Prem or Cloud versions, Telos Infinity VIP system can be integrated with Telos Infinity beltpacks and hardware panels, or any third-party intercom or audio subsystem using AES67 or SMPTE 2110-30 connectivity. Cloud Server: A complete Communications infrastructure in the Cloud with connectivity options for integration with third-party, cloud-based and On-Prem audio subsystems. Software as a Service: Various Telos Alliance partners will offer a Telos Infinity VIP SaaS option, allowing users to lease it in a virtual environment.



The Lectrosonics DCR822 is a high-performance, portable two-channel receiver compatible with Lectrosonics mono and stereo digital transmitters. It is also backward-compatible with Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters and can tune across six Lectrosonics blocks. SmartTune and two-way IR sync simplifies the identification of clean channels and transmitter setup. A new RF front end design provides low-noise amplification, high sensitivity and extremely low intermodulation susceptibility. Vector Diversity smoothly and continuously combines RF signals from two receiver front ends per channel for maximum signal integrity. The DCR822 can record receiver audio directly onto a microSD card in WAV (BWF) file format at 24 bits/48 kHz. 



Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak Edge, its most advanced wireless intercom system, features more control and configuration options thanks to advanced frequency coordination capabilities and intuitive design features in the system’s transceivers and beltpacks. FreeSpeak Edge uses audio-over-IP AES67 connectivity, an advanced 5 GHz chipset with a proprietary radio stack development optimized for intercom, and exclusive RF technology based on OFDM. The band’s higher frequencies mean there is more bandwidth for data, which allows for finer control, additional audio channels, lower latency and better audio quality. FreeSpeak Edge can be combined seamlessly with FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz systems, supporting three wireless bands across a single unified communications system.




The latest member of Pliant Technologies‘ CrewCom family, the new full-duplex, install-friendly and feature-packed CrewCom CB2 is designed for small to mid-level applications requiring a reliable, great sounding wireless intercom with excellent RF coverage and range. Available in both 900MHz and 2.4GHz frequency options, as well as 900MHz Oceania and 2.4GHz CE compliant models, the system includes the CrewCom CB2 base station and up to six CRP-12 two-channel radio packs. Two CB2 base stations can be connected and the audio synced to create one system with up to 12 full-duplex users. The new CrewCom CRP-12 radio packs feature the same batteries as CrewCom, making the batteries compatible with its 6+6 Drop-In radio pack and battery charger. 




Røde has updated its wireless mic system with the release of Wireless Go II. Retaining the form factor of the original Wireless Go (released in 2019), the new edition offers additional features such as dual-channel recording; expanded compatibility with devices and camera; improved transmission; and onboard recording. The Wireless Go II is now a dual-channel wireless microphone system, allowing users to record two sound sources simultaneously or use it as a single-channel wireless mic. It also now includes onboard recording, capable of more than 24 hours of audio direct to each transmitter. Go II also sports new Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption, delivering an extended range of up to 200 meters (line of sight). The new units feature a 3.5 mm analog TRS output, USB-C and iOS digital audio output, with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for up to seven hours of battery life. All of these features and functions can be controlled remotely via the RØDE Central app.




Professional Wireless Systems has launched its new, lower-profile Tour Series Helical Antenna for IEM, wireless mic and intercom use. The TS Helical differs from the company’s standard helical versions (available in both the 460-900 and 900-1000 MHz frequency ranges) in that the helix is shorter by almost seven inches. According to PWS, the circular motion of the RF field emitted by a helical antenna distributes the signal through all possible polarizations, reducing the risk of dropouts. The RF energy rotates through all 360 degrees of polarization, providing reception in the artist’s ears and in the wireless mic’s receiver. It can be used as either a transmitting antenna or a receiving antenna.




While best known for guitar pedals, Boss has introduced its new WL-30XLR Wireless System for XLR dynamic microphones, an entry-level system intended to simplify the adoption of wireless mics for non-technical users, such as singers, speakers, DJs, MCs, video producers and others. The WL-30XLR system consists of a streamlined transmitter that connects to nearly any standard XLR dynamic mic, and a compact receiver that plugs into an XLR mic input on a mixer, stage amp or other audio destination. The system’s processing reportedly provides ultra-low latency and line-of-sight transmission up to 230 feet. The WL-30XLR’s receiver and transmitter each use a single AA alkaline battery, for up to 11 hours runtime.