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RME, DirectOut Team for Digiface Ravenna

RME and DirectOut have collaborated to create the new Digiface Ravenna mobile audio interface.

Digiface Ravenna mobile audio interface
Digiface Ravenna mobile audio interface.

New York, NY (September 12, 2022)—RME and DirectOut have collaborated to create the new Digiface Ravenna mobile audio interface, allowing the transmission of up to 128 audio channels coming from Ravenna and optionally MADI via a single USB 3.0 connection.

The result is a Ravenna networked computer audio interface for USB and standalone operation that makes use of RME’s drivers (Mac/Windows) and DirectOut’s Ravenna implementation. DSP-based TotalMix FX can be used to control the routing and monitoring options, including the built-in headphone output.

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On the network side, the interface features a full-fledged Ravenna stack with AES67 and ST2110-30/31 support and redundant audio-over-IP streaming as per ST2022-7. In addition, the interface can also be used as a mobile 64-channel RAVENNA/MADI converter without a USB connection to a computer. The coaxial MADI I/O connectors may also be configured to work as word clock sync I/O. To operate the Digiface Ravenna, users can use both an external power supply connector and USB bus power.

“We have known and admired RME for many years as a provider of professional computer interface technology and are very happy about this cooperation.” says Claudio Becker-Foss, CEO/CTO of DirectOut. “The combination of RME’s experience in programming computer interfaces with DirectOut’s Ravenna expertise will create a great new asset for the Audio-over-IP market.”