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sE Electronics DM2 TNT Active Inline Preamp – Product of the Week

The sE Electronics DM2 TNT Active Inline Preamp is the Mix Product of the Week.

sE Electronics DM2 TNT Active Inline Preamp
sE Electronics DM2 TNT Active Inline Preamp

Appropriate for use on stage or in the studio, the DM2 TNT Active Inline Preamp from sE Electronics is designed to add 15 or 30 dB of gain for use with low-output dynamic and passive ribbon microphones. The DM2 TNT reportedly employs low-noise, class-A electronics and “premium” FETs to boost the signal and maximize performance from low-output microphones without adding noise or color.

Built into a tubular housing measuring 19 x 95.5 mm (0.75 x 3.76 inches), the DM2 TNT runs on +48 VDC phantom power and consumes 3.1 mA of current, enabling it to be powered from just about any phantom-power source.

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Frequency response is stated as 10 Hz to 120,000 Hz (-0.3 dB), while output noise level is 1 μV @ 15 dB (6.6 μV @ 30 dB). Maximum output level is 9.5 dBV (3.0 V) at 0.5% THD.

It features two switches: one for setting the gain (+15 or +30 dB), and the other a variable input impedance switch with eight load settings ranging from 50 Ω to 10 MΩ, enabling it to be used with a wide variety of ribbon and low-output dynamic mics while preserving the character of the microphone.

Gain settings are independent of load impedance or cable length, helping maintain signal integrity across a wide range of conditions. The DM2 TNT features gold-plated XLR connectors and can be plugged directly into a microphone without need for an additional cable. MSRP is $219.