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Fulcrum Acoustic AHS Steerable Large-Format Array Modules – Product of the Week

Fulcrum Acoustic's new AHS Series is a modular scalable system intended for long-throw sound reinforcement.

AHSNew York, NY (October 29, 2021) — Fulcrum Acoustic has introduced the AHS Series of steerable array modules, a new modular, scalable system designed for applications requiring high output and precise pattern control.

Featuring a digitally configurable vertical pattern that enables dispersion to be customized to a venue’s needs, the AHS Series incorporates Fulcrum’s TQ processing and proprietary beam-forming algorithms to provide superior pattern control and precise coverage in long-throw applications.

The AHS Series consists of two new array modules. The AHS440 employs four high-frequency horns, each paired with a coaxial compression driver, to achieve a coverage pattern of 45 degrees horizontal x ±15 degrees (vertical steering). The AHS460 uses three high-frequency horns to produce a coverage pattern of 60 degrees horizontal x +10/-30 degrees (vertical steering).

Both units utilize Fulcrum’s Compression Head horn architecture for low-frequency loading to the four 10-inch LF drivers down to 60 Hz, as well as four Oculus phase plugs that extend the high-frequency response of the 10-inch drivers, ensuring smooth transition to the coaxial mid/high-frequency compression drivers.

Fulcrum Acoustic AHS Array Modules Debut

The AHS440 is driven by six amplifier/DSP channels, and the AHS460 is driven by five channels, facilitating a range of steering setting Fulcrum Acoustic tech support is available to advise on appropriate DSP platforms for the AHS system.

The digitally steerable vertical dispersion allows the AHS to cover precise vertical angles of seating across the length of a stadium while avoiding sonic intrusion to neighboring facilities or energizing reflective surfaces. The horizontal patterns were specifically chosen to optimize the coverage for stadium-type applications, without requiring an excessive quantity of loudspeakers to cover a typical stadium horizontal footprint.

The modular design of AHS Series loudspeakers allows for the stacking of multiple units that scale to the distance and vertical coverage requirements of a venue, and the AHS460 may be paired with the AHS440 to extend coverage further above or below the array. When multiple AHS units are stacked, the stack is configured as one digitally steerable array. The high-frequency horns combine coherently, providing the output necessary to compensate for high-frequency air loss, which can be significant in stadium-scale applications. Dimensions of the AHS Series modules are 28D x 36W x 31H (inches).