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Sonnox ListenHub – Product of the Week

Sonnox ListenHub software addresses key issues including monitoring, A/Bing and loudness metering.

Sonnox ListenHub
Sonnox ListenHub

New York, NY (April 8, 2022)—Sonnox ListenHub (Mac only) is a new software product that addresses several key issues musicians and engineers face in their studios, including monitoring, A/Bing and loudness metering.

ListenHub works as an application that runs in your computer’s OS and as a plug-in inside your DAW. For the former, you set it as your system audio device and route all audio through it. You can even open up to three plug-ins within ListenHub’s Effects Chain, which means you can still use Sonarworks or other speaker or headphone calibration software. Sonnox even created an iOS app that functions as a remote control for the Mac software.

ListenHub’s GUI gives you a ton of monitoring options. You use four large buttons for changing the level between Soft, Quiet, Normal and Loud. You can also switch to listening in mono or only to the left, right, mid or side signals. In addition, you can solo different frequency bands, including Sub, Low, Low Mid, High Mid and High.

ListenHub’s metering includes a spectrum analyzer and loudness readings for your music in LUFS and PSR (peak-to-short-term loudness ratio). It shows you a graphical representation of the dynamics of your song in the form of a real-time line.

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The ListenHub Audio Device, which gets installed on your system, offers three different stereo input pairs that you can switch between: System, Main, and Reference. You can match the loudness of the inputs at the press of a button when referencing. The software allows you to compare your mix with streaming audio sources or saved files on your computer. It also provides a loopback function.

When you’re using the ListenHub plug-in within a DAW, it offers a convenient automatic bypass feature, so you don’t have to remember to bypass it before bouncing. That feature is supported for both offline and real-time bounces in Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Studio One and FL Studio. For Logic, Pro Tools and Reaper it only supports bypass on offline bounces.

ListenHub requires macOS 10.9 and above, and it runs on M1 hardware via Rosetta 2. For more info, go to the ListenHub page on the Sonnox website.