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Soundation’s Beatmaker Online DAW Debuts

Music software developer Soundation has launched Beatmaker, an online DAW/social platform.

Soundation’s Beatmaker
Soundation Beatmaker.

Stockholm, Sweden (October 4, 2022)—Music software developer Soundation has launched Beatmaker, an online DAW/social platform intended to help emerging musicians collaborate online.

Beatmaker provides ready-made and royalty-free beats, drumkits and samples, but also allows users to upload their own sounds and samples in order to start from scratch. After they’re uploaded, beats and samples can be manipulated and edited within the online sequencer and sampler for beat making—and ultimately shared with others within Soundation’s online community of 100,000 users. The software is reportedly designed to accommodate beginners while also providing tools to aid more advanced users.

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Producers can immediately use the Beatmaker studio to remix beats made by MG the Future, with kits by Justin Hawkes and Bishu to follow in the weeks to come—with no sign-up required. Soundation says it will continue to add new royalty-free beats and kits as time goes on. Each kit comes with a beat pattern, which can be built upon or completely changed by the user.

“We want to bring beatmaking to the internet for real, and make it accessible for everyone. Collaborators can access, join, and collaborate in real-time by clicking a link,” says Adam Hasslert, CEO of Soundation.