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Soundation Unveils Online Auto-Stretch Tool

Soundation, a web browser-based music studio, has introduced Auto-stretch for auditioning stems, samples and loops at any tempo.


Stockholm, Sweden (June 1, 2023)—Soundation, a web browser-based music studio, has introduced Auto-stretch, a tool that allows online marketplace customers to audition stems, samples and loops at any tempo.

“This tool greatly expands the samples, beats, and loops available to customers, enabling marketplaces to showcase a wider range of offerings without adding more audio to their site,” says Soundation CEO Adam Hasslert. “Auto-stretch comes highly requested by those familiar with traditional desktop DAWs. We have combined the strongest tools into both our platform and our Embed solution for music marketplaces, with feedback from producers and a careful consideration of their needs.”

The new tool will be available to audio marketplaces via Soundation’s embeddable studio, as well as to all Soundation users mixing with their free DAW. Companies offering these marketplaces can now showcase samples or allow users to test on a real DAW before purchase.

Online DAW Soundation Can Now Be Embedded In Your Website

With Auto-stretch, companies can allow their customers to test-stretch every stem, sample, and loop in their library pre-purchase, diversifying the marketplace’s catalog for producers and creators, regardless of tempo and speed. Marketplaces can embed Soundation’s tool to their site to accommodate customers searching for audio with a particular BPM, greatly expanding the sounds available for their use. Auto-stretch will maintain the same key as the original piece of audio but alter the BPM to stretch and fit a project.

Producers can use Soundation and Auto-stretch to collaborate, dragging and dropping their samples into a joint project to get creative together. All samples will be auto-stretched to the project tempo, but can be manually edited, if need be.

“Those using Soundation Embed will show off the full scope of their catalog and make it available for users interested in sampling or purchasing a piece of audio,” adds Hasslert. “There’s nothing like this out there yet, and we’re thrilled to help these marketplaces realize the full potential of their catalog for customers.”