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Soyuz 1973 LDC Microphone Launches

The Soyuz 1973 is inspired by the classic age of FET microphones and uses a version of the brand’s 023 Bomblet capsule.

Soyuz 1973 LDC Microphone
Soyuz 1973 LDC Microphone.

Los Angeles, CA (October 13, 2022)—Soyuz Microphones has debuted the Soyuz 1973, a large diaphragm condenser microphone hand-machined and assembled in the brand’s own production facility.

The 1973 features a capsule whose lineage can be traced back to the early 1970s when LOMO redesigned an AKG CK12 capsule, giving it three backplates in an effort to increase consistency. Soyuz’ engineers further developed it into what has come to be known as the S23

The 1973’s body is a new design for Soyuz, with a compact form factor based on the Golden Ratio that places the mic between the brand’s flagship 017 Series and 013 Series. The microphone is designed to fit into tight spaces, and is reportedly appropriate for drums, guitar amps, vocals and piano.

Soyuz 023 Brass Black Microphone Limited Edition Launched

David Brown, co-founder, explained, “We wanted to create a new microphone that retained the high quality of our other products while making it more affordable for bedroom music makers and project studios. When you buy a 1973, you’re getting a Soyuz in every sense of the word. Expect lows that are present but not boomy, a forward midrange that’s never boxy and highs that are airy and open, but never harsh.”
The Soyuz 1973 is now available with a price tag of $799.