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SSL Launches L450, L650 Consoles, More Processing, V5 Software for Live Sound

SSL has aggressively revamped its live sound offerings, announcing two new consoles as well as scalable DSP for existing desks, support for Meyer Sound and Shure solutions, and more.

The SSL Live L650 is now the company's most powerful live desk to date.
The SSL Live L650 is now the company’s most powerful live desk to date.

Oxford, UK (November 2, 2021)—In a massive product announcement that reshapes the company’s live sound offerings, Solid State Logic has announced a pair of new consoles for its SSL Live range—the L450 and L650. Additionally, the company has released its Live V5 software for all SSL Live desks, adding scalable DSP ‘Plus Processing Packs’ and natively integrated solutions from Meyer Sound and Shure.

The new SSL Live L450 and L650 consoles, intended for use in touring and installed sound, find the L450 console improving upon the L350 in terms of processing power, while the L650 is reportedly the most powerful SSL Live console to date.

SSL Live L450 console
SSL Live L450 console

The layout of both desks will be based around the triple-wide fader bank configuration currently found on the L200 console. Cutaways for external screens are also incorporated to help maintain line of sight to the artist and stage, creating two areas of focus for the operator.

The L650 console shares the same knob-per-function Channel Control tile as the L550 Plus, while the L450 features a tablet panel for use with SSL Live’s control app, TaCo. While no set timeframe has been announced for the new consoles’ release, an SSL statement says the company “will begin rolling out” the desks as more tours and events come back.

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The new Live V5 software, however, is available now, providing new features to existing SSL Live consoles across the range. Primary among the Live V5 offerings is the addition of ‘Plus Processing Packs,’ providing scalable DSP resources for all desks in the line.

As part of the new software, Plus Processing Packs are available for L100, L200, L350 and L550 consoles, increasing the SSL Live consoles’ DSP in key areas, including input channels, stem group, auxes and masters. The Packs are enabled with a software license, so a hardware upgrade is not necessary. Going forward, all L100, L200, L350 and L550 consoles will ship as ‘Plus’ models with Packs pre-installed.

Additionally, much as V4.11 added integrated control of L-Acoustics’ L-ISA 3D audio processing technology, the new V5 edition brings aboard Meyer Sound Spacemap Go Immersive control, while also adding onboard control of key features within Shure ULX-D and Axient Digital microphones.

Live V5 also features Routing Interface, Event Manager and Overview Screen improvements, and the addition of Solo and Mute buttons to the TaCo control App.