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Yorkville Sound Debuts New EXM Mobile Speaker, Sub

Yorkville Sound has introduced the EXM Mobile8, a 3-way battery powered speaker, and the EXM Mobile Sub, reportedly the first battery powered portable subwoofer.

Yorkville Sound's new EXM Mobile8 (left) and EXM Mobile Sub.
Yorkville Sound’s new EXM Mobile8 (left) and EXM Mobile Sub.

Toronto, Canada (September 7, 2021)—Yorkville Sound has expanded its EXM Mobile line of portable PA speakers with the introduction of two new models—the EXM Mobile8, a lightweight, 3-way battery powered speaker, and the EXM Mobile Sub, reportedly the world’s first battery-powered portable subwoofer.

The Mobile8 contains an 8-inch woofer and a coaxial mid-high driver. The company’s aim in providing a 3-way speaker, is to make the most of the dedicated mid-range of the coaxial driver, allowing the 8-inch woofer to work at its fullest capacity.

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The cabinet design is intended to be flexible, allowing uses ranging from running flat on a table top surface, tilted up vertically, wedged horizontally, or mounted on a standard speaker pole. Meanwhile, the model also offers Bluetooth connectivity with a variety of options. The onboard Bluetooth function pairs a sound source to the Mobile8, groups two Moblie8 units together for true stereo streaming, and can further wirelessly group the Mobile8 to the Mobile Sub.

Meanwhile, the EXM Mobile Sub is billed as the first-ever portable lithium ion, battery-powered subwoofer. Equipped with two 8-inch woofers, the Mobile Sub is intended to deliver the low end for musicians, DJs and other applications. Weighing 30 lbs., the Mobile Sub is compatible with all products in the EXM Mobile series, and like the Mobile8, it is Bluetooth enabled, allowing users to stereo stream with a second Mobile Sub and use Mobile8 as a full range speaker wirelessly via Bluetooth.