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NOTION Music Releases NOTION Notation Editor App for iPad

NOTION Music in Greensboro, N.C., announces the new NOTION app for iPad ($14.99; or $.99 until December 20), a notation editor and playback app for composing, editing, and playing back scores using top notch real audio samples performed by The London Symphony Orchestra and recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

NOTION is designed for all skill levels with a user-friendly interface and simple interactive piano keyboard. Functions include an interactive 24-fret guitar fret board, drum pad note entry, and a full-featured multitrack mixer with effects. Users can alter their score and playback using a palette full of articulations, expressions, and dynamics.

In addition to the notation editor, users can also hear their music performed with real audio samples. NOTION comes bundled with piano and orchestral samples recorded by The London Symphony Orchestra as well as popular instruments such as guitar, bass, and more. NOTION includes a full range of orchestral articulations including staccato, flutter tongues, trills, and vibrato. Guitar articulations comprise bends, vibrato, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, mutes, whammy bar techniques, and more.

NOTION comes with sharing capabilities that allow users to email their work as a .notion, PDF, MusicXML, or MIDI file. It also comes with the ability to search for tabs or MusicXML files online, as well as open Guitar Pro files.

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