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Online Extras for December 2006

Read extra online material from Mix Magazine for December 2006 including how-to tips and techniques from our sound reinforcement editor, interview with front-of-house engineer Nigel Paul, gear reviews

December 2006

The pages of Mix come alive with sights and sounds. Each month, we’ll enhance selected stories with bonus material–from audio clips, extended interviews and photo galleries.

The Vocal Channel

In addition to the tips and techniques offered by our sound reinforcement editor, Steve La Cerra, find out what top front-of-house engineers are using on their artist’s vocal channel.

“On the Road”: Megadeth

Find out what else front-of-house engineer Nigel Paul has to say about his gear and style of mixing for the current Gigantour 2006.

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Field Test: LaChappell Audio Model 992

Need more specs on this tube preamp? No worries, Mix has you covered.

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Field Test: Rupert Neve Portico 5032

In addition to a recent install at Blue Rock Studios, find out if Rupert Neve’s latest mic pre/EQ will fit snugly into your racks.

Field Test: TC Electronic VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb

Think you know everything you need to about the TC Electronic VSS3 reverb? Test yourself with these additional photos from within the interface.

Field Test: Sony Cinescore Soundtrack Software

Make sure your computer can live happily with Sony Cinescore and get additional information on other theme packs.