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Prism Sound Announces SADiE Upgrade Offer, U.S. Sales Rep

Prism Sound, SADiE’s parent company, is offering a 25-percent discount for SADiE3 and SADiE4 users who wish to upgrade to Version 5.

Prism Sound, SADiE’s parent company, is offering a 25-percent discount for SADiE3 and SADiE4 users who wish to upgrade to Version 5.

Prism Sound SADiE Version 5

SADiE5 can use any disk drive that Windows can use, which means that work can be played directly from or recorded to storage devices including IDE, SATA, FireWire, USB and Flash memory devices. SADIE5 can also record or import and export directly to network drives. Remote drives can be used for recording, backup or as a means to move projects to the Internet. Version 5 can run DirectX and VST plug-ins in the SADiE mixer, and allows for importing and exporting MP3 files. According to Prism Sound, “improved Series5 hardware performance means that bounces to either WAV file or CD-R can run at up to 10x faster than a SADIE4 platform.”

Larger track counts are supported on PCM-H64 and LRX2 platforms for recording, mixing or playback. A simplified MTR interface is offered for location recording. Mirror recording allows for an immediate backup copy of location audio files. Editing improvements in Version 5 include editing of grouped clips; level change of group clips and multiple clips; Stream Grouping for edit or record enabling; high resolution metering in the EDL; coloring of EDL streams and mixer strips; normalize function; Speech Edit; 3- and 4-point Source/Destination Edit mode and hundreds of other small interface improvements.

SADiE5 also offers various Interchange options and supports AAF, OMF, AES31, BWF and iXML. Other features include File based Autoconform and Re-conform; CD writing to any internal CD writer; a CD Text option; a CD-SRC option for burning CD-R and DDP directly from high sample rate audio material; a CD-Ripper interface to simplify importing from audio CDs; AVI and QuickTime video playback; a 9-pin slave option and control by HUI and consoles.

Users wishing to upgrade should also be aware that switching to SADiE5 does not require any re-training because the new version retains all of the essential interface functions of earlier SADiE versions.

For more information about switching to SADiE5, contact SADiE’s sales support team at 44-1353-648-888; email [email protected].

Prism Sound also announces the appointment of Dan Foley to the position of Telephony Solution Strategist and sales representative for Test and Measurement solutions in the Eastern United States. Foley was recruited to the Prism Sound team by Doug Ordon, president of Douglas Ordon & Associates and Prism Sound’s National Sales Representative for the Americas.

“I was introduced to Dan through a long time business associate, and he is simply one of the best in the industry,” Ordon says. “It is a huge win for Prism Sound to attract someone of his caliber. His experience and passion for the industry make Dan a welcome addition to an already outstanding team of professionals.”

Foley is the principal of Foley & Associates, a Boston-based company specializing in technology and market development for the audio test and measurement market.

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