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Prism Sound Heard in Glasgow

Glasgow-based Ca Va Sound Studios has invested in five Prism Sound ADA-8XR multichannel converters, which are being used with the studio’s new Digidesign Pro Tools HD3 system.

Geoff Allen, chief engineer, and Pam Smith, engineer

“The Prism Sound ADA-8XRs are being used across both of our studios, but primarily with our Neve VR Legend console and Pro Tools system,” says Brian Young, founding director of Ca Va Sound. “They offer exceptionally high-quality audio and in our opinion are the best converters on the market.”

In June 2005, Ca Va Sound underwent an extensive refurbishment that involved closing Studio One and relocating its Neve VR Legend console to Studio 2. It also moved its broadcast studio, TX4, to ground level and equipped it as a comprehensive voice-over and mastering studio. With ISDN and high-speed broadband capabilities, the studio now provides clients with the ability to link to others worldwide.

Young says, “The renovations enabled us to create a more pleasant and relaxed working environment. One feature designed into the layout of our new Neve VR Legend studio was daylight: While sitting at the console, it is now possible to look out into the redesigned garden.”

Ca Va Sound also has a 48-track mobile recording facility, The Audiomobile, which is a 40-foot articulated truck that can house engineers, riggers and loads of equipment. The truck has also been spotted at T in The Park, Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Princess Street Gardens and many more.

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