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Producer, Engineer Greg Ladanyi On Using ATC Monitors

Los Angeles–based producer/engineer Greg Ladanyi (pictured)—well known for his work with Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, Don Henley and Toto—installed a pair of ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company) SCM50ASL Pro active three-way monitors in his studio at Maple Jam Music Group. The one-room facility focuses on pre-production, tracking and mixing for the group’s roster of artists, which include Anna Vissi, Type O Negative, and Hollywood Undead.

The SCM50ASL Pro mid-field systems each incorporate a 1-inch dome tweeter, 3-inch custom Super Linear soft dome mid-driver and a 12.4-inch Super Linear woofer, driven by three optimally matched MOSFET amp blocks. Ladanyi says that they are his main reference monitors in Maple Jam Sound studio: “These speakers have incredible imaging. I was fascinated with that, which has probably been the most fun thing for me.” Ladanyi is a 30-year record production and live sound veteran who is president of the Maple Jam Music Group.

ATC SCM50ASL Pro active three-way monitor

“I do a lot of stuff with mono,” he elaborates. “I’d rather have three mono guitars than a stereo guitar, all with slightly different parts and slightly different playing. With these ATC speakers I seem to be able to identify mono pockets with mono reverbs where you really want to create 3-D or a depth in the record, as opposed to just width. I could really hear that in more detail, and when I took it home or in the car—I surround myself with various ways to listen to everything—I could really hear the work I did. I like that.”

Ladanyi says he purchased the ATC monitors to replace a 5.1 setup that was underemployed as surround work dried up and simply wasn’t loud enough as a stereo system. “A lot of the hip-hop guys I’ve worked with like to play it loud,” he observes, “so I needed a speaker to push more bottom than the previous system. The ATC speakers are really a lot of fun at loud volumes, and people love them. I can listen at loud volumes for a long time and not find myself fatigued, but at low and medium volume they’re just great, too. I probably have enjoyed working on these speakers more than any speaker I’ve ever worked with.”

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