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Product of the Week: Aviom BOOM System

The BOOM System from Aviom is a series of products that enhance headphone or IEM systems, enabling the performer to feel bass frequencies without need for unnecessarily loud traditional LF transducers.

Five components comprise the BOOM System. Serving as the nucleus is the BOOM-1 Tactile Transducer Processor, an amplifier unit that easily interfaces with any personal monitoring system and drives a tactile transducer such as the:

• CTT-1 Clamp-On Tactile Transducer, which features a universal clamp mount for easy connection to the support post of most drum thrones or other chairs.

• PLF-1 Platform, a portable platform transducer designed for performers who stand on stage such as bass players, guitarists and vocalists. An opening in the front allows convenient positioning of mic and music stands.

• PFS-1 Performance Stool, combining a sturdy Quik Lok performance seat with a built-in tactile transducer. The PFS-1 has adjustable seat height, foot rest and back rest for maximum comfort.

• KBS-1 keyboard seat, an adjustable On-Stage Stands keyboard seat with an integrated tactile transducer.

All of the BOOM transducers are plug-and-play with the BOOM-1 processor. The BOOM-1 has 1/4-inch TRS stereo headphone input and thru ports, a locking transducer output, mono XLR input for direct connection to Aviom’s A360 Personal Mixer, and a mono XLR output that provides the DSP-processed signal for connection to an external power amplifier. The BOOM-1’s rear-panel switches match the unit to the transducer being used, while three different “feel” presets adjust DSP settings for tight to loose feel.

More info here.