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Aviom A640 Personal Mixer Launches

Aviom has launched its new flagship A640 Personal Mixer, sporting new additions like a color screen, a simpler UI and more features.

Aviom A640 Personal Mixer
Aviom A640 Personal Mixer

West Chester, PA (March 29, 2021)—Aviom has launched its new flagship A640 Personal Mixer. Now available worldwide, the new addition to Aviom’s lineup faced numerous challenges along the way.

According to Carl Bader, Aviom’s Co-Founder and CEO, “After several redesigns and delays caused by the global semiconductor shortage, it’s great to finally get these mixers into our users’ hands. As a small independent manufacturer, designing and building products in the US, we are working tirelessly to increase production quantities and shorten product delivery times to minimize the impact of global supply chain issues on our customers. Shipping the A640 is a major milestone towards this goal.”

Intended to be a next-generation product for the company, the A640 augments user control and customization, offers a newly streamlined interface on a color display, and adds new features intended to provide more options on stage and in the recording studio. Not everything has changed—it still is based around Aviom’s A-Net digital audio transport protocol, purpose-built for personal monitoring applications.

Aviom A640 Personal Mixer
Aviom A640 Personal Mixer

The A640 Personal Mixer fits into audio environments using Dante-based audio networks, analog consoles, and digital mixers, and remains compatible with all existing Aviom personal mixing products.

In addition to the newly simplified user interface on a color display, Aviom has added a new Channel Mapping feature, which lets users create a custom channel layout for each A640 using any of the 64 network input sources. An Aux Mix allows any combination of channels from the main stereo mix to be sent to the secondary mono output, simplifying integration with a supplemental tactile transducer system, subwoofer or powered wedge.

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A new Intercom feature allows users to communicate with each other over the Aviom network whenever the A640 is used with Aviom’s D800 A-Net Distributor products. A musical director can give instructions or provide feedback to performers using the A640’s built-in mic or an external mic connected to the Aviom network; and other legacy Aviom mixers can listen to the intercom channel, too.