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Product of the Week: QSC CP Series Compact Powered Loudspeakers

QSC’s CP Series of active loudspeakers were developed to bring the company’s tradition of performance and reliability to a very friendly price point for house of worship, education, music and public address applications. Housed in compact polypropylene enclosures, the CP8 and CP12 are biamped designs with 8- and 12-inch woofers, respectively.

Weighing in at 21 pounds, the CP8 features a 1.4-inch compression driver coupled to a 90-degree Axisymetric horn and can deliver SPLs as high as 124 dB. Frequency response is spec’d at 56 Hz to 20 kHz (-6 dB down). The CP12 weighs in at 30 pounds and employs the same HF compression driver mounted to a 75-degree Axisymetric horn, can generate SPLs to 126 dB, and reaches down to 49 Hz (-6 dB).

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The CP8 and CP12 employ Class D biamplification, with 800 watts peak for the woofer and 200 watts peak for the HF driver. Both models can be mounted on a standard 35mm pole, hung vertically or horizontally using an optional yoke bracket that mates with M8 threaded inserts, or may be placed on the floor for use as wedge monitors.

Onboard DSP employing QSC’s Intrinsic Correction provides preset contours for use in speech, monitor wedge, dance and applications with or without subwoofers. The input panel accommodates three sources: one line input, one mic/line input (both on locking XLR/TRS combo jacks) and a 3.5mm stereo TRS for music playback. An 18-gauge powder-coated steel grille protects the drivers from potential damage. MSRP: CP12/$499; CP8 $399.

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