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Product of the Week: Yamaha RIVAGE PM3 and PM5 Digital Mixing Systems

Yamaha has expanded the PM Series with the addition of the PM5 and PM3 digital mixing systems, including control surfaces, processing engines and 4.0 firmware update.

Yamaha Corporation has announced two new additions to its stable of professional mixing consoles: the RIVAGE PM5 and RIVAGE PM3 Digital Mixing Systems. The new components include the CS-R5 and CS-R3 control surfaces, and DSP-RX and DSP-RX-EX processing engines, all of which are compatible with the existing range of products in the Yamaha RIVAGE PM series.

The CS-R5 control surface for the RIVAGE PM5 system features three large touchscreens and 38 faders arranged in three sections of 12, plus two masters; the CS-R3 control surface for the PM3 provides the same fader complement and employs a single, centrally located touchscreen. At 45 inches wide, the CS-R3 is the most compact control surface in the RIVAGE series, yet maintains full system control and functionality.

The central sections of both consoles feature a set of selected channel controls that—combined with touchscreen operation—will be familiar to existing RIVAGE users and allow users of Yamaha CL and QL Series consoles to quickly get up to speed on RIVAGE systems.

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The new control surfaces are complemented by the release of two new rackmount DSP engines. The DSP-RX provides 120 inputs, 48 mix buses and 24 matrices, while the DSP-RX-EX provides 288 inputs, 72 mix buses and 36 matrices. Combined with the two new control surfaces, the DSP-RX and DSP-RX-EX enable a user to create a scalable system suited to the individual application, and allow DSP mirroring for situations where failsafe redundancy is required.

Using the DEK-DSP-RX expansion kit, it is possible to upgrade the DSP-RX to full DSP-RX-EX capabilities. The PM3 and PM5 systems are compatible with Yamaha TWINLANe networking as well as with Dante audio networking.

Yamaha RIVAGE PM5 Digital Mixing System, with CS-R5 control surface and DSP-RX processing engine.

Simultaneous to the release of the CS-R5, CS-R3, DSP-RX and DSP-RX-EX, Yamaha announced RIVAGE firmware revision 4.0, which will provide a number of control and functional updates across the entire RIVAGE PM Series, including addition of an Eventide SP2016 reverb plug-in.

Release of the RIVAGE PM5 and firmware rev 4.0 is planned for Summer 2020. The RIVAGE PM3 is expected to be ready for release in the Fall.

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