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Professional Audio Design (PAD) Launches PADTech

Audio sales and installation company Professional Audio Design Inc. is introducing PADTech to its audio and post-production customers. PADTech, which provides studio owners the opportunity to leverage PAD’s 16 years of experience integrating and servicing world-class studio environments, is an individualized program that helps studio owners acquire, service and maintain their equipment infrastructure.

PADTech is designed to serve the needs of customers who either lack their own in-house technical resources or require additional technical support beyond what is typically provided by the manufacturer. PADTech can also serve as an extension to a studio’s own technical capabilities. Through PADTech, customers can benefit in every stage of a studio’s lifecycle: discovery, acquisition, maintenance and support.

“Studio owners require a technical road map to help their businesses succeed, no matter what their size,” says PAD president Dave Malekpour. “As studio profiles continue to shift dramatically, most lack the capability and financial means to manage required maintenance and upgrades. PADTech was developed as a cost-effective alternative to help these customers access the high-level of expertise, no matter what size their studio.”

PADTech can help audio systems perform better through regular maintenance, minimizing downtime and preventing equipment failure. Through PADTech, customers can leverage a cost-effective program that takes advantage of PAD’s vast systems and integration knowledge, as well as a geographically diverse network of technical consultants. The program can also serve as an off-site repository for technical configurations, service records and wiring diagrams.

“We have come to rely on PAD to handle all of our maintenance and repairs,” says Juan Perez, who owns Roc The Mic studios in New York City (see Mix‘s “On the Cover” story from the October 2007 issue). “Working with PAD is like having the benefit of an in-house tech, but just when we need one. We signed up for the PADTech maintenance program so we don’t have to worry about technical issues interfering with our clients’ busy recording schedules.”

For more information about PADTech, contact Professional Audio Design via e-mail at [email protected] or by calling 877/223-8858 for a complementary evaluation.