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Right Track/Sound On Sound Renovate C, Rebuild D1

The new union of Right Track/Sound On Sound has been marked by the renovation of Studio C at the 168 West 48th Street location and the full rebuild of one of the production rooms, now renamed D1, at the 509 West 38th Street location.

“Right Track/Sound On Sound is off to a fast start with the completion of Studio C and the progress we’re making with the new D1 production room,” reports Right Track CEO Simon Andrews. “The improvements highlight our collective goal of offering the best-sounding studios in town and the most efficient production environments.”

Studio C has undergone a complete cosmetic facelift and has been outfitted with Sound On Sound’s 72-input SSL 9000J series console. The main monitor system now includes an Augspurger array, as well as additional outboard equipment from Sound On Sound’s extensive collection

“The goal is to offer an environment similar to what our clients had at Sound On Sound so they can seamlessly segue to the 48th Street location,” notes Sound On Sound’s general manager Chris Bubacz. “Studio C gives us more space than we had at Sound On Sound, and the revamped room sounds spectacular. We’ve improved on a good thing, and the proof is in the bookings: Two of our largest clients, Ray Bardani and David Bendeth, have block-booked Studio C since it opened on October 27.”

The transformation of the production room at the 509 W 38th Street location, designed by Larry Swist, is scheduled to wrap up by mid December. The project required the complete gutting and rebuilding of the space from the ground up. It was modeled after Sound On Sound’s very successful Studio D, a Digidesign Pro Tools room for productions and overdubs, also designed by Larry Swist.. .

“It’s no small feat ripping out the room,” says Dave Amlen, CEO of Sound On Sound. “It’s a huge job; we’re keeping very little of the original space. When it’s done, D1 will be everything clients enjoyed about the production room at Sound On Sound and then some.”

The rebuild will better isolate D1 from the second production room which is scheduled for a similar build-out in 2006. The equipment complement in the production rooms will be expanded to include a Pro Tools HD4 Accel system with 24-channel D Command control surface, an array of keyboards and other outboard gear so clients can cost-effectively complete sessions without bringing in or renting additional gear.

“The changes we’re collectively making will better serve all of our clients at the end of the day,” says Donna Kloepfer, Right Track studio manager. “The renovation of Studio C and the rebuild of D1 reflect the strengths of our companies since we’ve joined forces. They give an indication of what the future holds for us.”

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