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Roland Systems Group, Holophone, DTS to Demonstrate 3-D Surround at NAB 2014 Show

Sound designer Frank Serafine on location recording 7.1 audio for 3-D and surround sound using the Roland R-88 field recorder and Holophone H2-Pro microphone.

Roland Systems Group in cooperation with DTS and Holophone microphones, will demonstrate a 3-D recording and monitoring solution for sound designers and location recordists at the company’s NAB booth #C8635, from April 7 to April 10, 2014, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The surround recording and monitoring demonstration comprises a Holophone H2-Pro 7.1 Microphone feeding a Roland R-88 8-channel field recorder, which in turn is connected via USB to a PC running a plug-in for DTS Headphone:X technology.

Because the Roland R-88 is also an USB audio interface, it can record the 7.1 audio data and also send all 8 channels to a PC for backup recording—or in this case, to be further processed using the DTS Headphone:X technology. With an A/B headphone switch, the user can switch between monitoring the individual channels or stereo image on the R-88 or the real-time surround image via DTS Headphone:X.

With more than 40 years of film audio experience, award-winning feature film sound designer Frank Serafine has been proving this 3-D audio workflow for the last 18 months, working on a documentary film called Awake. Serafine has been recording 7.1 audio for 3-D and surround sound using the Roland R-88 field recorder and Holophone H2-Pro microphone. DTS’s Headphone:X technology plug-in then allows him to hear the 3-D audio in headphones on the spot.

Serafine says, “I have been waiting many years for 3-D surround sound. Never in my 40 years of working with cutting edge audio technologies on films such as Star Trek, Tron, and The Hunt for Red October has this type of serious sound perspective been so convincing. To be able to actually hear accurate and precise 3-D surround out of a pair of headphones is truly amazing.”

Serafine says he is building an extensive library of 3-D audio sound effects for film specifically using Headphone:X technology from DTS. Some of his sampled audio libraries along with live audio using the R-88 along with the Holophone H2-Pro microphone can be heard on display at the Roland Systems Group NAB booth #C8635.

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