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Sabine Ships SWM6000 Smart Spectrum Wireless Mic Systems

Sabine is now shipping its new SWM6000 Smart Spectrum Wireless Microphone Systems, another in its series of wireless solutions that are said to be immune to problems associated with the recent loss of available UHF frequencies.

The SWM6000 Series operates in the 915MHz ISM band, which is license-free and available for use in North and South America. Because this band is outside the range of frequencies that were recently allocated for consumer wireless products and digital TV, wireless users will be able to use all 35 of the available channels offered by the Sabine SWM6000 without interference from DTV or other UHF devices.

“The wireless pro audio industry is in the midst of a major shift, and it is clear that new solutions are needed,” says Doran Oster, president of Sabine. “We think the most logical path is to offer wireless systems that do not share spectrum with this deluge of new consumer wireless products, and the overwhelming signals of digital TV stations.”

Going beyond solving the RF challenges, Sabine has made sound quality the first priority for the SWM6000 systems. A highly refined dual companding system supports what Sabine describes as “extremely clean sound.”

SWM6000 Smart Spectrum receivers are available in 1- and 2-channel models and come with Sabine’s built-in processing, providing a digital channel strip in every receiver. They offer a built-in FBX Feedback Exterminator, compressor/limiter, adaptive de-esser, parametric filters, and Sabine’s onboard Mic SuperModeling, which provides a virtual cabinet of microphone sounds.

The new SWM6000 operates in the 902-928MHz ISM band. Like the SWM7000, these new systems offer built-in RF scanning and recording, selectable front panel control lockouts, networked control for the maximum number of channels, and remote control via third party controllers like Crestron or AMX.

Long-life rechargeable NiMH batteries power the SWM6000 transmitters and each transmitter has a built-in charger jack. The handheld microphone clip doubles as a charger stand: whenever a handheld mic is in the clip, the battery is recharging.

For more information about Sabine’s Smart Spectrum Wireless and full line of digital signal processors including the Navigators, Graphi-Qs, FBX Feedback Exterminators and FBX Solo-Processors, call 386/281-4000 or go to